Tree of Life Texas Style, stained glass copper foil method, 26″ x 26″, October 2021

My sister asked me to make two stained glass windows for her kitchen windows in East Texas. She was interested in a somewhat traditional style and asked for colors and design that reflected her garden, particularly her beautiful crepe myrtle trees. Collaborating with her on the design turned out to be a lot of fun! I researched the concept of the Tree of Life as an artistic motif and was intrigued by the idea of adapting it for this purpose, with the multiple slender trunks of the crepe myrtle instead of the usual single bole. Traditionally, the Tree of Life represents the connection between Heaven and Earth, which seems an appropriate imagery to use in someone’s beloved home. I’m including two inspiration photos below that my sister sent me. The second window will be very similar to this one, but the sky area will be more blue and less pink. I will update this post with pictures of the two together once it is finished.

Every time the light changes, the window changes, too – one of the things I love about stained glass. Here are a couple of views in different light.

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