The title of this post could have also been “How I Spent My 2020.” My primary art effort for 2020 was a passion project – creating illustrations for a Christmas Story that my father, Dr. W. A. Rawlins, wrote when he was alive. My Dad was a minister and passed away in 2015. He wrote this story for my sisters, Kathleen, Mary Helen, and me when we were small and eventually began reading it to the congregation every year at Christmas. It became kind of a tradition for a lot of families to hear this story, which had become so familiar to them over the years. After his death, people began asking for the story and Mary Helen had the idea of retrieving it from his notes, adding illustrations and publishing it as a picture book. All three of us worked on it for over a year and finished in November of last year. I will include a link to the book on below. Any profits from the book go directly to our Mom to support her living expenses. We loved working on this and hope you enjoy it, too!

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