Art With Grandma 7/9/2020 – Macaroni Necklaces

Making macaroni necklaces is such an iconic ritual of childhood. It is simple to the point of not really requiring instruction, but here’s our take on it!

Needed Materials:

  • Macaroni or large pasta noodles. Something easier to handle like rigatoni is best for younger children.
  • Paint – I used Jack Richeson neon tempera paint, but you can use any water-based paint.
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper towels
  • Cup of water
  • Splat mat to protect your table
  • String or ribbon of some kind (I used plastic lacing)


  • Set child up on a protective surface with noodles, paint, brushes, water and paper towels and let them paint
  • The tempera paint I used dried really fast. If you want to paint patterns, like I did, paint the noodles a solid color first and let that dry, then paint on the patterns.
  • Allow noodles to dry completely and then string them.


We sang an old Peter, Paul and Mary song, “Stewball Was a Racehorse” and read Dr. Seuss’ Happy Birthday to You. Here are links to both:


Finn really loved this project. In fact, he was still painting when his Mom and I had to end the call to go cook dinner. My daughter told me he made necklaces for everyone in the family and they had to go buy more noodles the next day because he painted the whole box. Here’s a picture of him wearing his creation. My daughter told me he said, “It’s beautiful! Two thumbs up!” I love that the thumbs in question are covered with paint : )

Suggested Follow-Up Activity:

These necklaces make awesome gifts. Follow Finn’s lead and make one for every family member!

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